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EREGL 1H Chart

-Hello guys. In EREGL, one of the most valuable products of #Bist100, our weekly data is quite green.
– EREGL, which has continued its positive movement of approximately 7% in the last 7 days, has received a great volume entry this week.
-26.00 – After testing 27.30 strong support zone EREGL continued its upward movement.
-We know that there has been a serious dollar inflow to our stock market in recent weeks. While the index has been moving in a positive direction by about 38% in the last 38 days. EREGL remained around 12%.

-If dear EREGL As of 09.09.2022, we can expect the rise to gain momentum next week if our market closes roughly 31 liras (31.32) as of 09.09.2022.
In this menu, where we aim for 40 liras, 33 is a critical pivot and from here came the profit sales within the week. We do not even have to witness prices above 38.50 in the short term with the next week’s closings above 33 liras.

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Let me end my mind for now with a nice bullish signal.

MACD Weekly Buy Signal

Let’s add that there are studies on the field that I am not completely an expert in, but I aim to improve myself. Then it should not be perceived as investment advice 🙂

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