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Dear friends, EREGL indispensable giant of our long-term portfolio! While this giant company sometimes moves like a turtle, sometimes it jumps like a rabbit 🙂

In our previous work, we said “Mashallah 40 times”, now we say “Full Gas We say “keep going”.

#EREGL, the last news of which we received on November 4, 2022, “According to the statement, the approximate cost of this investment, which has a total iron ore reserve of approximately 250-300 million tons, will be 550 million dollars. In the facility with an annual pellet production capacity of 3 million tons, 100 million tons of iron ore reserve tons of pellet production is targeted” was heavily premium in the short term and was subject to profit sales (from the previous formation target area). 40 lira). When similar sales came in Bist100, it went into hibernation in the last month of last spring. EREGL We can say that it has found its form again.

Technical Data

*Our TradeBot indicator predicts a “Cup-Handle” formation on the daily chart and our formation target is approximately 50 liras.
*The strongest resistance to be considered technically due to the formation is 45. xx lira. A news may be needed for the rise of the product around here.
*39 lira is a strong support for us, the upward movement can be expected to continue unless daily or weekly closes come above this point.
* Considering the daily data, 17 oscillators produce a receive signal, while 9 oscillators produce a neutral signal.
*When we look at the MO-MACD combo indicator, we see that the receivers are gaining power again (image 2).

Figure 1: Oscillators

Figure 2: MO (awesome oscillator) MACD combo

Comment: The news came, the rise took place, followed by a healthy correction, the formation of the infrastructure of the second movement. Our little giant is progressing in a healthy way so far. It is very important to follow the news at the intersection of technically important points. A dividend of over 6 lira is expected in 2023. EREGL Keep collecting personally.
Note: What is included here is not investment advice, it is a product that emerged as a result of my research and the data I follow. I look forward to your criticism and comments.

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