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Hello friends, EREGL in my previous analysis EREGL in our share, which came last Thursday evening container With the news, it basically heralded the rise we expected technically, the ascending triangle on the chart was surpassed and the formation target at 35, the Fibo channel resistance at 36.5 became the technical strong expectation. At the close of the week above 36.5, my expectation of 42 level is technically stable. As of November 10, we could not get the 2nd confirmed day closing above 36.30. If we buy the stock, the technical expectation is first 42 level. The technical initial support point is level 34. I can technically say that the correction at 34 level can be completed in the stock (from 39 to 50 percent profit point) unless there is a single day close below. Unless the day closes below 29.50 EREGL Withdrawals in stocks are a buying opportunity. I said 28.7-26.3 and lastly, I continue to follow the stock with 34.50 last-stage purchases today.>>.

As of November 14, our stock expectations have worked very well and continue to work, testing the 34 level support with a hard sell on Wednesday. EREGL After receiving confirmation from the fibo support and the last falling top that I mentioned in the analysis, the stock tried the new peak test for the second time with a strong rise. Even though profit sales came again, the week was over the critical resistance level of 36.5, thus strengthening the bullish expectations technically.

As of November 14 EREGL The new peak for the stock is 42 strong expectations. In a single day close above 42, 49 level can be a strong expectation. We look again at the analysis above the 49 level.

On the USD-based chart, unless the main support in the stock closes below 29.5, the long-term expectation of 53 liras may occur in the future.

technical analysis is an expectation, it is never guaranteed to happen. Sharing is for informational purposes, never without investment advice.

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