ETH Rival This Altcoin Is Ready To Overtake Bitcoin: 50% On The Way!

ETH Rival This Altcoin Is Ready To Overtake Bitcoin: 50% On The Way!
  • A popular crypto analyst, investors Ethereum (ETH) a popular smart contract platform in the short term, as they seek to guard against the upcoming Proof of Stake transition. from Bitcoin (BTC) will perform better says.

In a new video update, Coin Bureau’s host has 2.1 million YouTube subscribers in case the update doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. Cardano (ADA) He says he sees ETH rivals, such as The Merge, as hedges.

“One of the ways I personally hedge against anything wrong with the Ethereum merger is to hold competing smart contract cryptocurrencies as part of my portfolio, including Cardano’s ADA.”

ETH Rival This Altcoin Is Ready To Overtake Bitcoin: 50% On The Way!

Guy adds that ADA is acting as a hedge against Ethereum Merge, as Cardano is scheduled for the Vasil hard fork upgrade in September:

“It would undoubtedly be a strategic move if Cardano improves its scalability during Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake. This is because this scenario puts Cardano in a perfect position to win users and investors in case the Merge fails or does not meet the expectations of ETH holders.”


According to the analyst, Cardano looks set to see gains against the largest digital asset by market cap.

“The time has come for ADA to gain some value against BTC on the weekly chart. This is because ADA has historically been down against ETH for about eight weeks before seeing a multi-week rally. As you can see, ADA has been falling against ETH for about eight weeks and is showing some signs of reversal.”

The Coin Bureau server also predicts that Cardano could see a 50 percent increase in price.

“[BTC’ye karşı değer kazanmanın] Note that it does not imply a higher price for ADA in fiat, but indicates that ADA’s daily and weekly price action in fiat currency could see a 50 percent gain in the coming weeks.

But I should also stress that this ultimately depends on whether the crypto market will see a short-term recovery. It’s also worth noting that Cardano’s Vasil hard fork will expose the project to the same kinds of issues that Ethereum might experience during the upgrade.

This is probably why other Ethereum competitors like Solana seem to be on the verge of a bigger breakout against both ETH and USD.”

At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $0.452, up 1.5 percent in the last 24 hours.

You can follow the current price action here.

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