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hello friends, As of May on Bist 100, the analyzes I made with the warnings of the gradual continuation of the rises and the follow-up of certain levels in the declines were carried out successfully. I was expecting 3500 while the first short term target is 2885 above 2345. In the later analyzes, I mentioned that we should technically wait for the target of 3143 for 2 days closing above 2885 and 3368 for 2 days closing above 3143.

As of 29 August, Bist 100 has closed 3164 and has received 2days approved closing. is now 3368 strong technical prospects in the short term. Unless there is a 2 day closing under 2904, 3502 is expected in the medium and long term.

that I shared in the previous daily analysis doji behind the green candle. Since this chart is weekly, it cannot be seen here, you can open the chart daily and see it.

In the short term, unless there is a single-day close below 3057, it is hoped that the strong rise will continue until 3368. In a single day close under 3057, it becomes technically possible for them to pull the index to 2904. 2904 band is our strong support, basically stay above 2904 until 3368 and then 3502 in the medium term unless there is a negative situation. good I guess we can see.

For short-term investors, let’s continue our follow-up on shares and funds with 3057 follow-ups. Profit realizations below 3057 can be made and re-purchases at 2904 levels can be tried.

As of August 31, 3205-3255 and 3368 are our resistances in the continuation of the rises, and 3143-3057 and 2904 supports in the retracements.

Those who make purchases in the right and appropriate places should never panic in the medium and long term.

My non-technical personal expectation is that the top of the channel is 3368 and the bottom of the same channel is probably (temporally) 2950, ​​correcting it here and gathering power and going to 3500.

technical analysis is the expectation. There is no guarantee that it will ever happen. My posts are for sharing information and are never investment advice.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/XU100/Uatl1VLQ/

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