Famous Name Surprised: I Have No Dollars to Buy Bitcoin!

Famous Name Surprised: I Have No Dollars to Buy Bitcoin!

Son of Peter Schiff, known for his anti-Bitcoin sentiments Spencer SchiffHe is known for being unlike his father and believing in technology.

In a tweet last year, he announced that he was investing in Bitcoin by selling all of his investments under his father’s favorite investment vehicle. Father and son Schiff came to the fore with frequent discussions about BTC and cryptocurrencies after the investment news.

Famous Name Surprised: I Have No Dollars to Buy Bitcoin!

Spencer Schiff, pioneer cryptocurrencysurprised many people by announcing that if the coin now dropped to $15,000, he would not make any purchases despite the drop.

I Will Not Buy Bitcoin at the Bottom Price

Investor and Bitcoiner Mike Alfredtook Twitter users to see if any of his followers would prefer to buy more BTC if the leading coin drops further and hits the $15,000 level. Although the tweet in question did not receive as many replies as expected, Spencer Schiff took this tweet seriously and replied.

Spencer stated that if it happens right now, he could buy zero Bitcoin as there is no US dollar to invest. Although this comment was interpreted differently, according to some people, it was interpreted as Spencer’s already investing all his money in BTC. The reason for this is that he stated that he can buy more Bitcoin a few months from now.

Prominent fund manager Peter Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and the founder of SchiffGold. Although he has an anti-Bitcoin sentiment, he often tweets about BTC. Binance CEO CZ posted a thank you message on his Twitter account, stating that he has been talking about Bitcoin frequently lately.

Bitcoin is trading at $19,807 after falling below $20,000 on August 26. On August 26, Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Fed Reserve, made a speech in which he stated that the Fed would stick to its hawkish strategy. The Fed still prefers a way to suppress inflation.

You can follow the current price action here.

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