Farewell to Sasa Polyester Soles for BIST:SASA symbol by ffxbgr ✋ — NewsOfFinance

Hello friends ,

Sasa Polyester I’m getting a lot of messages about . Let’s talk about what will happen;

* RSI our value is around 16 per hour and 30 per hour. Our first buy signal comes from here.

* macd and if we talk about ema, they are adjacent,
they will experience a direct upward intercept at the smallest + position. The second buy signal comes from here.

* According to my observations 134.58 support, 164.96 resistance.

* My first target after this fix is ​​170 TL.

* My second target is 240 TL.

* You know the projects of the company and how it invests in the future, right?

* Let me just mention that if the future of the company is good, bright, making good investments and constantly gaining value;
There is no way this paper will make you lose, my friends. Because the company and its paper are usually directly proportional.

* I am of the opinion that medium and long-term investors will definitely earn well.

* As you know, the control analysis I made on Friday was very good.
* We have pinpointed as usual and there is an excessive interest due to our continuous pinpointing.
* I thank you all for your interest. Let’s say Mashallah 🧿

* I sasa I think polyester will definitely turn green tomorrow and it is not investment advice .
I have to state this because it’s my own opinion.
Everyone should act in a healthy way with their own ideas.

* You will not listen to anyone in the Stock Exchange , you will take advice from knowledgeable people and make the best and healthiest decision yourself !

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/SASA/5jpLsBM1/

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