#FENER WEEKLY GRAPHIC ANALYSIS for the symbol BIST:FENER by aliyusufkockan//📉 — NewsOfFinance

On February 13, the share at the level of 25.42₺ broke the trend I mentioned to you, experienced a very sharp rise and created a very sharp uptrend and in the current conjuncture. bollinger With the band, I see that the trend is compressing the candles, at the same time, today’s closing on the daily chart Bollinger The band was below the MA level and the efforts to hold on to this level, but these efforts were more ineffective than the efforts when they were on the rise, and the financial difficulties of the club, the problems in Turkish football would negatively affect the share, even that the reason for the rise so far was due to the economic situation of the country, on the basis of dollars and purchasing power. falling.
When we look at it from the big perspective, I personally think that it will experience a decrease with the negative crosses in the weekly chart and test the lower levels by correcting at the first stage. YTD

MY SUPPORT LEVELS:47.90₺ – 43.15₺ – 39.35₺ – 35.55

Power Balance Value: -0.77
Aroon: 92.86% 28.57%(TOO CLOSE TO INTERCEPT)
stoch RSI: 54.88 62.46 (INTERCRETE)
Fisher: 2.52 2.96 (INTERCRETE)
Momentum: 11.90

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/FENER/s11rDcH8/

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