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I will talk about Fluence Energy, a stock with high profit potential for NASDAQ investors.

Let me add a fact sheet here: Stocks usually go into a downtrend after rising more or less above their IPO price. After a while, the decline slows down, then it rises, forming a convex structure. He often crowns his movement with a cup formation. The reason for this is purely investor psychology, because the low purchases and sales in the initial supply process drive the price up, then after the profits come out, the downward process begins and the price starts to move horizontally after the high buyers sell at a loss. While the price is in the horizontal channel, the volume revives a little thanks to the channel buyers first, and the volume increase supports the trend formation. As you can imagine, after the trend becomes clear, it is now possible to predict how the formation will go. Most of the long-term investors enter the market when the bullish confirmation on the sideways exit exits, some of them have already entered the IPO.

Now, in the case of Fluence energy, after a horizontal movement covering March, April, May, June 2022, it started to draw a distinctly concave in July. It has experienced a renewal since this New Year’s, especially with the participation of Roman Loosen, who previously worked at Simens. He emphasized that he would lead the maturation of Loosen Fluence, the transformation effort in the short term, and the achievement of business operational excellence in the long term. Then, they strengthened their deliveries and market operations thanks to the artificial intelligence supported bidding software they developed for the sales process of ACT batteries. The company actually filled a gap in the renewable energy sector very well. Last February, Nispera took a big step forward in asset management software for renewable energy storage thanks to its software. They have achieved efficiency-enhancing achievements in this area, such as real-time performance monitoring and artificial intelligence-assisted optimization. On the other hand, they provided software services to renewable energy and energy storage centers in many places such as the Philippines, Australia and South America. Now, as a result of an agreement with MPC Energy, Nispera will perform the performance management of seven solar fields in El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico.

I’m considering including this company in my long-term investments, a price of 18-20 seems to be appropriate for entry.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/FLNC/GlVcsLFD/

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