For the BIST:ALKIM symbol by tkolaytk, do the old ones collect their losses while the new buyers laugh in ALKIM? — NewsOfFinance

hello friends, as of the beginning of the year, we followed and analyzed;

<< Despite the recent sales in the stock, which will start the week of February 6 with 31.78, the week's closing remained above 30.74 and the stock held on support. Technically, the stock is in a hold and hold position unless there is a 2nd day close below 30. If we can see another green candle on February 6 in the Alkım stock, the 30's levels may be the collection levels. If the closing stays below 30.7, the trade will be terminated with a loss. >>> I stated that 30 levels were collection levels at the beginning of the year and I stated that it should be stopped at the 2nd day closing. A very small cost loss may have been written here with technical discipline.

Those who followed the discipline would look for a buying opportunity on subsequent declines in the stock. In the analyzes I made while the declines continued;


In the final analysis;

<<< As the week's closing continues over 24.2, the main support point shot worked last week in the ALKIM stock, where the hope of rising continued, and our first expectation was 27.36 resistance pinpointed and resistance. If there is a close on 27 tomorrow, the buy signal may be lit. support bounced off 23.78 and got a positive closing. At the closing of the 2nd day over 27 or the closing of the week, the technical weak red signal may be lit. >>> I said. Last week, the rising support 24.2 worked great and brought us up to 28 liras above the 27.36 resistance. Afterwards, the stock remained above 27.36 with a limited pullback and a weak buy signal was lit.

ALKIM shares, which will start the week of June 5 at 27.36, could have bought with 30.54, 27.36 and 23.78 for those who bought with technical discipline. At 30.54 29.5, there should have been a technical stop and a loss should have been written. technically, it is in a position to hold shares for those who can buy at 23.78 and 27.36. Unless the week closes below 24.50 lira, those who follow the stock with technical discipline should wait. Technical expectation over 27.36 in ALKIM stock is 34 liras.

Personally, I continue to follow the loss with an average of 31 lira per share, with my 3 step transactions costing 35.2,30.54 and 27.36. Those who buy with technical analysis, on the other hand, are in a position to keep in profit with 23.78 and 27.36, an average of 25.57 costs.

technical analysis is an expectation, it is never guaranteed to happen. Sharing is for informational purposes, never without investment advice.

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