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hello friends, we were expecting decreases from 5250 to 4436 before in my Bist100 analysis. In my analysis, we said that the day of May 3 was >, with this decline in the index, which pinned 4311 at the bottom on May 3 and closed the day above 4436.

after that, on the 7th of May, << IS IT OK IN THE EXCHANGE? CONTINUE ? MAY 8 MAY BE A DAY. If the Bist100 index, which will start the week on May 8 at 4400, closes below 4436 on May 8, things may get ugly under this support, just as things got ugly under 4809. I personally wouldn't expect this closure. >> I said. and on May 8, 4561 closing came with a voluminous green candle in the stock market and hopes began.

On May 8 <<< IS THE EXCHANGE ALSO OK? CONTINUE. The first weak buy signal may not come unless 4652 is exceeded in the Bist100 index. rises can occur as a reaction rise to decreases up to 4762. Maybe we have seen the bottom, but we said that the transactions to be made before the signal for buying may involve too much risk. >>

He was sure that we had seen the bottom on May 11, found an answer to the question whether it was okay or not to continue, and in the analysis, the Bist100 index, which was on the main support of 4436 with the political news flow as of May 11, made a tremendous rise and the weak buy signal burned in a short time. If we can close the week above 4752, the target may be 5250 in a short time. >> I said. May 12 closing was realized with 4795 and 5250 was the technical expectation.

On May 15, <<< With a very good weekly close technically, 5250 target is expected. Unless there is a 2nd day close below 4436, the expectation is strong above 4540.
In a situation that is basically beyond negative, I think they will not allow a 2nd day close under 4436, technically, no matter what. >>> I said. With the election going to 2 rounds, there were retreats up to 4436 support again. I accepted the close of 4424 on May 24 at the border and stated that the expectation would continue with the green closing of May 25.

Before the election on May 26, << On the last trading day of the week on May 26, we have approached the close of the week above 4436 in the index, which was traded at critical levels. After the close of 4424, after the horizontal green close of yesterday, it seems that the market makers in the bist100 index, where today is very important, decided to enter the election above the main support 4436. As a result, what we can say technically is empty, but if we are still entering an election over 4436, I can say that the 5250 target is close in a short time after the election. >>> I said.

In my analysis of the last month’s closing on May 30, << We are preparing for the critical month closure for the target of 5250 on Bist100! In the Bist100 index, where the closing of May 30 was realized with 4951, the peak falling trend from 4862 was exceeded as of today and the first day's closure came. Our expectation of 5250 above 4436 continues. The index above 4765 is beautiful in the index where gap rises are seen. technically, we can say that Bist100 has returned if the month's closing on May 31 is above 4862. >>

In the Bist100 index, where the 5th of June closing was realized with 5372, our target of 5250 was realized. I wish good luck to everyone who can make purchases in the index that we have found the bottom and brought to the technical target since the first days of May, and get your appreciation.

I would like to write some analyzes together with their stories and make the event better understandable. So if you know the story from the beginning, you will understand it better. Diving from the belly is always risky.

As of June 5th, our expectation is now 5472 main resistance level. At this level, there is a high probability of profit selling or correction. At the close of the week above 5400, very, very good targets can be seen in the Bist100 index. I will share this with analysis if the closure comes. For now, it may be necessary to watch what will happen in the index that comes to its target and approaches the main resistance.

technical analysis is an expectation, it is never guaranteed to happen. Sharing is for informational purposes, never without investment advice.

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