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Hello friends, ATATP in my analysis on October 9 ATATP A decrease has been observed in the computer stock for a long time, the support of the decline from the horizontal side is positive for the return. We also observe that it has found support from the lower band, which has been falling since the beginning of this year. The stock bottom price is 18.12. Technically, you can’t hold any property in a single day’s closing, friends. Technically weak signal came roughly above 19 liras in the stock, which is struggling to hold on to the falling lower band and support. If there is a strong buy signal above 20.4, it can offer a profit margin of 25% up to 24 liras in the first place.
As of October 09, I am starting my stock follow-up with a cost of 19.25 in the first stage. We are about 5.5% above the cut-off point. the stock has generally returned with a single bottom movement, in case of a possible double bottom, support at 18.12 levels can be followed and the second level can be added as soon as it bounces up. Or, if the stock returns from these places within our expectation, it can perform an additional purchase-oriented transaction at the close of two days over 20.4. therefore ATATP I will wait for the stock to gain strength from these levels, to give a reaction rise first and for new targets to be formed according to the technical picture to be formed. >> I said.

Again, in my analysis on November 14, << as of November 14 ATATP As long as the stock is above the 23 level, there will be no deterioration in the uptrend. 24 level Search is support. Unless there is a 2 day close below 23 level, attacks to 29 level first and 33 level for a single day closing above 29 are technically strong expectations. I followed at a cost of 19.25 ATATP in his share Search I continue to follow the stock with the 2nd stage purchase transaction from the support 24 level. >> I said. I wish good luck to my friends who can evaluate about 50% increase.

friends who tried 29 resistance last week ATATP Unfortunately, the stock could not beat the resistance. Those who can buy from the right place in the stock can continue to follow the stock that is technically held as long as the closings continue for more than 25 days. It may be technically correct to realize a profit at the close of under 25 single days. The 23 level in the stock is our main support point. In the long run unless the week closes under this support ATATP It may be technically possible to rise up to the 60s in the stock.

In a single-day closing above 29, double top and new high targets in the stock may be an expectation in the short term.

technical analysis is the expectation. There is no guarantee that it will ever happen. My posts are for sharing information and are never investment advice.

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