For the symbol BIST:EREGL by tkolaytk, targets 36 and 42 were met in EREGL stock, but what about 53 ??? — NewsOfFinance

hello friends, on 29th october EREGL in my analysis EREGL I think that unless our stock closes on days below 29, the rise in the stock may start again in the short and long term, purchases will increase above the 33 lira pricing, 36 above the first technical expectation, and 42 level until mid-December at the 36th week closing. Keep following me. >> I said. I continue to follow the stock that provides a return of 42% in a 1-month period. I wish good luck to those who can evaluate.

again, in my last analysis on November 24, << Our stock, which will start the day at 41.44 as of November 24, may have a strong expectation of 48.7 at the close of the week above 41.22. Levels 42 and 44 Search are our fibo resistors, 44 is important. Profit sales may occur here. Due to the high levels of our Bist100 index, there should be no panic in the hard selling transactions, EREGL Those who can buy their shares from the right place with technical analysis will be 48 in a short time and 53 until April 2023, unless the day is closed under the level of 36.5. EREGL They can see the stock. >> I said.

As of November 28, the week will start with 41.88. EREGL In the stock market, the 42-44 resistance zone was tested twice in the past week, but we could not close the day above it. In a single day closing above 42, the 48 target may be a strong technical expectation in the short term.

EREGL technically strong 39.5 percent Search if support is 36.5, it is our main support band. Withdrawals to these supports can be met with purchases. in the long run EREGL The technical target for the stock is 53.

technical analysis is an expectation, it is never guaranteed to happen. Sharing is for informational purposes, never without investment advice.

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