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hello friends, much requested sasa In my stock analysis, as of December 6, the stock was basically operated, and before the operation, the price was very over-inflated with the financial figures.

At the point reached as of 11:30 am on 6 December;

The stock started to rise by making a double bottom on 23 December 21 and 24 February 22. The stock continued to rise with the purple resistance trend on the chart, and when it broke the trend up, it reached the first peak trend with the same angle as the purple trend. After the stock met resistance here, the relentless rise started and the share completed its rise with 189 liras.

With the first simple technical rule, you can pull a fibo and look for support points. here as of today, fibo 0.618 important level 85 should be strong support position. In addition, the upward resistance from the beginning of the story passes through these levels in the first trend. With a simple technical analysis rule, this level can be expected as a technical bottom.

Secondly, the cloned version of the trend from this bottom passes through the 99 level. For now, it is highly likely that the stock that is waiting at the base below that level will return from here as well.

In addition, the support and resistance positions in the fibo image formed with the latest pricing may strengthen the expectation.

Currently on base at 97.2 SASA With the first tier purchase of POLYSTER stock, the blade that fell into the stock can be kept under 85 unless the week is closed. If there is a support break at the 85 level, the loss is stop, if there is an effort to bounce up, with the 2nd level purchase. sasa You can start tracking.

If the stock bounces up from 97 or 85, a reaction rise is expected up to 149. But we must distinguish between Reaction ascension and ascension. We Can’t Definitely Know the Direction of a Share. However, we can get an idea with some technical scenarios.

For these reasons, as I mentioned at the beginning;

technical analysis is an expectation, there is no guarantee of realization, the shares are made only for sharing information, not for investment purposes.

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