For the symbol BIST:XU100 by tkolaytk, is there still hope for 5572 on Bist100? When will the new peak come? — NewsOfFinance

hello friends, I was waiting for the upward movement that started at 2345 in the Bist100 index to reach the peak of 4934 and the possibility of correcting at this level after 9 green candles on the weekly chart.

Last week, I mentioned that the sales experienced after exceeding the level of 5 thousand may be profit sales and that unless the day is closed under each support in the pullbacks, gradual buying and re-buying transactions are started and the target is 5572 for the first time. 4934,4795,4534 and main support 4340 was .

Even though the pricing was below 4795, that day’s closing support bounced off 4795 and offered a buying opportunity with the closing of 4850. As I mentioned in the analysis, it rose to the first 5200 resistance, and above the 5200 resistance, to the level of 5572 at the close of a single day.

however, the index, which closed above 5200 on 13 December due to the news flow on the 14th December, unfortunately, although it technically targeted 5572, it sold very hard and was able to close the day above 5 thousand.

On the other hand, on December 15, although the index, which started the day well, met with sales, the day was closed in green despite the negativities outside. Even though we tested the 5200, unfortunately we could not stay on it.

As of December 16, we will be following the day over 5200 and also the week’s closing in the index, which will start the day at 5188 level. At the close of the week above 5200, 5572 can be a very strong expectation.

friends, 4934 is the main support in the short term. In the long term, unless there is a 2nd day close below 4340, decreases in Bist100 may be gradual buy points on the supports.

In the graph, it is observed that the top trend and the right-angled trend in the short from the bottom are working. The steep trend in the short, which was violated once, then acted as support 2 times. We also follow the trend passing through 5041. Especially what happened in the region inside the box is very harsh. For this reason, those who enter the trade with the discipline of technical analysis should pay attention to their costs and maturity.

My personal opinion is that the index sees 5572. If the index is going to decrease or correct, this level should be seen first and then the next one.

technical analysis is an expectation, there is no guarantee of realization, the shares are made only for sharing information, not for investment purposes.

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