For the symbol BNC:BLX by Tnt_Ozel THIS MAY BE! They may be writing chaos in the global, not btc! — NewsOfFinance

Greetings friends. Nasdaq and DXY When you look at the index of the .
In this theory, there is a 2-year decline, and it comes around halving. yes, miner costs, yes, the institutional investor will stay far below the price and you will say that it will be a big problem and may not fall, but it may. Especially when you look at nasdaq, you will see that it has not made any corrections for 14 years, and that it has entered a major correction in the previous 14 years. The chaos theory in question comes from here. BTC Until now (in logarithmic), we can attribute it to this. but now that big stock market can get big fix after 14 years. now there is a loss of 34% from theope BTC It is possible for the nasdaq to decrease to around 75% and 4.7k, which means that the fall of nasdaq is around 72%. If we attribute this to BTC, I think maybe even worse in this chart can be expected.
So what happens next? then the loop rewinds and don’t think that there is no trust etc etc. no one buys the bottom goods anyway, whales do, and as the goods go up, the small investor will probably go and say this and enter.
In short, this is a possibility and not a very small possibility. !
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