FTX hacker moved nearly $200 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) to 12 separate wallets!

The FTX hacker, known to have stolen $447 million worth of assets from the FTX exchange, was once again seen relocating illegal assets.

According to Etherscan data, the hacker transferred a total of 180 thousand Ethereum (ETH) to 12 different wallets on November 21 at 07:11 – 07:17 Turkey time. The hacker also moved assets to 12 separate wallets with 15 thousand ETH. The total amount moved to wallets amounted to $199.3 million at its current price.

FTX hacker moved nearly $200 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) to 12 separate wallets!
Recent transactions from FTX Hacker’s wallet — Source: Etherscan

As of the translation time of the news, ETH has not yet been moved from the 12 wallets in question.

Some in the crypto community suggested that the hacker wanted to confuse investors by making these assets even smaller sums. This could mean that the hacker is planning to partition or at some point plans to use a scrambling service to hide which is which.

On the other hand, it was determined that some Ethereum users sent secret messages to the hacker to get a share of the said hit.

A user registered the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain as “ftx-rekt200k-pls-help.eth” to express that they lost money from the FTX crash and to request a refund from the hacker.

These users sent 0.000001 ETH to the hacker’s account to be noticed by the hacker.

Another user was more creative. The user registered the ENS domain “Pleasecheckutf8data.eth” and sent 12 transactions of 0.0001 ETH or less to the hacker’s wallet address.

FTX hacker moved nearly $200 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) to 12 separate wallets!
Encrypted message requesting existence from FTX Hacker. Source: Etherscan

The description of every ETH transaction sent to the hacker is UTF8 encoded which reads “Please send me 100k, I have medical bills to pay and I’m visiting the USA this December. I can’t walk properly, I’m having muscle problems. Please help! I lost most of my money on FTX” there was a message.

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The FTX hack came just after the exchange filed for bankruptcy under Article 11 on November 11.

On November 20, the hacker transferred 50,000 ETH to a separate wallet and then converted it to Bitcoin using two separate renBTC bridges.

Finally, the hacker has become the 40th ETH whale as of today.

Soruce : https://tr.cointelegraph.com/news/on-the-move-ftx-hacker-splits-nearly-200m-in-eth-across-12-wallets

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