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Premiere USDT is preparing for a serious debut, but it has not yet revealed its color in terms of timing. Here are some possible scenarios and the principles we will follow:
* The moment the price breaks the 0.063 high, the 0.33 movement starts. In this case, the following 2 possibilities are disabled.
Probability 1: The drop that started from the top would be nice if the fibonacci had retraced 0.786, so there is still a probability of a drop to 0.026-0.027. If the bottom 0.030 is broken, our buy number is 0.026-0.027. If it drops to these levels, it will only increase our wait time by 3-5 weeks. They can make such movements for the purpose of shaking them, but they cannot feed us.
Probability 2: Price will probably correct soon, if it holds around 0.034-0.035 without breaking the bottom of 0.030 and heads up again, it will be a very serious sign for a strong exit of 0.33. And in this probability, hard hits will begin in a short time.
CONCLUSION: In both cases, the price is still high to buy, I will only open a buy if it surprises and goes above 0.063. It probably will not directly exceed 0.063. In this case, I am in watch/follow mode. When it drops to around 0.034-0.035, I buy, but it is within my expectation that it drops to 0.026-0.027. So no panic. If I am a guarantor or a banker, I wait for it to exceed the 0.063 peak, no matter what happens, so I buy. Good luck.
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