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BREACH A negative percentage change (-0.1176%) is waiting for us with a price of 8.49. It is possible to make an affirmation in the 1.2646 band of the Awesome Oscillator. The average of the real range is 0.3202 moving along a very natural line.
We see a positive stance at 73.5812 at the Commodity Channel Index point.

The asset with 0.49 acceleration is in a positive trend. BREACH can raise its average rating and RSI It is progressing positively as 68.6202. BREACH In terms of stochastic K, 77.5859 gives a positive impression. BREACH In terms of stochastic D, 83.0187 is positively riveted. BREACH Aroon while the top is 85.7143 Aroon continues at the bottom 0 line. BREACH For the bull-bear strength, 0.7082 can be said to be quite good. The last 10 days Simple Moving Average is at the desired level at 8.451.
Volatility is lower (3.7915) when we look at the weekly numbers.

The relative volume is assumed to be 0.8937 images and less than 2 can be said to be not good.

The exponential moving average, which provides the most likely level of the price band, shows that the price is giving a sell signal on a 50-day basis (7.3662).

Support points 6.816 & 6.63 are supported in front.

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