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Hello Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to remind you that my study is not an investment, buying or selling advice, but a graphic price analysis study.

In my analysis that I shared below, I shared the GEREL analysis from 5 lira levels and used it in an assertive and unconventional way. your first target We told you that it was 15 liras. There has been great interest in our analysis, first of all, thank you for this. Our followers were asked to comment on the current graphic, so I made a new review.

First of all, I think that the price is now in the regions where there is a strong possibility of correction and it has probably completed or is about to complete its 3rd wave.
For this reason, I think that in this month, in a correction from this price peak, it will be normal to correct up to the region I marked with red correction levels and yellow band. If the whole structure is finished and not the 3rd wave, the correction deepens. But my first thought is that the 4th wave correction is coming.

After this correction, I think there will be a possibility of a final high peak in this wave structure. Although it is necessary to make a new study after the 4th wave is over, I have indicated the possible targets with the blue and red price levels in the upper left ( 22 – 26 – 28.96 ) I do not think that the price will rise above the 28.96 level.

Also, if we use some basic data, we have a PD/DD level that goes from 1 level to 5 lira. He had come to this similar area before and had a harsh correction. I would like to remind you that we are in the same region again. !!!

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