Green Coins with BNB for the symbol BINANCE:BNBUSDT by benomeratac — NewsOfFinance

My Own Strategy:
* As seen in the attachment BNBUSDT If it can hold on to 1G support by breaking the possible 4s resistance in the case of the past period support, my first goal will be realized (contains risk, the last 15 and first 15 days of the year are very risky)
* If BNB, which can hold on to 1G Support steadily, can achieve the 1G Resistance level with solid closes, solid returns towards the middle of January can meet us.

On What Do I Base My Strategy?
* Volume reduction continues
* Price volatility is narrowing
* 5+ more contacts, I predict that the break will be soon

+ Important: It is worth remembering that we are in a downtrend for BNB.
++ Medium-term trend bearish

*this opinion is not investment advice

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