Hackers hacked Twitter account of CoinDCX exchange

The official Twitter account of India-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX has been seized by a hacker group. Immediately after the cyber attackers took over the account, they published fake XRP promotions with phishing links to defraud followers.

Responding to the attack, CoinDCX’s official customer service announced that their Twitter account had been hacked. by pinning a ‘tweet’ warned its users not to click on any link or any message from the compromised account. However, the exchange noted that they are working to recover the hacked account and that they will inform again in a short time.

At the time of writing, hackers were ‘retweeting’ official posts from Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse to give their scam a legal impression. In doing so, the hackers were simultaneously responding to crypto ‘tweets’ with phishing links.

Hackers hacked Twitter account of CoinDCX exchange

In addition, users who clicked on CoinDCX’s hacked account risked losing their assets. If the problem is not fixed in a short time, it is estimated that the losses could get even more serious as the CoinDCX official Twitter account has more than 230,000 followers.

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On the other hand, the Twitter account of PwC Venezuela, one of the four big accounting companies, was also seized by cyber hackers in early September. Hackers gifted fake XRP ‘tokens’ from a similarly hacked Twitter account and organized a fake Ripple event using images of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse as thumbnails. Phishing links were also used in this attack.

On the same day, an official YouTube account of the South Korean government was attacked using a fake video of Elon Musk. Immediately after, fake videos of Musk talking about crypto assets were published on the official Twitter account of the South Korean government, and the name of the account was changed to SpaceX Invest.

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