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Net Sales and Profit Increased
Net sales of the company in the 4Q22 income statement were 97%.
increased to TL 1.18 billion. With the increase in sales
Net profit increased by 38% to TL 186.34 million.
The net debt of the company increased to the same period of last year.
increased by 166% compared to the previous year and rose to TL 5.76 billion.
Ratio Analysis Positive
EBITDA figures of the company increased by 51% in 4Q22
EBITDA rose to TL 250.46 million by
Its margin decreased to 21.28%. Operating expenses increased by 145%
while financial expenses increased by 25.65%. F/N
value of the sector is 108.10 and PD/DD ratio is 24.91.
over priced.
Positive Performance Relative to the Index
While the BIST 100 Index has gained 173% in the last year,
HECTS while it gained 702% in value. Lowest 4.29 in the last year
The stock, which saw the level, saw the highest level of 51.30.
Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/HEKTS/VnEgFftu/

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