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HECTS positive bottom discrepancy in RSI against rising TOBO formation in logarithmic chart daily view; it makes it look like it will want to run away vertically. A recent logarithmic resistance indicator in the period following 85.10. By following these bands, resistances can be determined. He had broken the pennant up and the pennant target has not yet advanced strongly to 53.90. The reason of this; HECTAS The resistance level of TOBO, which it has drawn on the logarithmic channel band in 2 years, has met as a collection zone above the TOBO that it has formed since May. I think they lingered extra in this area and continued to collect goods. Positive dissonances also indicate this. The level 39 can be set as the stop loss. I am following.

It is not a BUY, SELL, HOLD recommendation. Does not include investment advice. It is for educational purposes. It is for tracking purposes.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/HEKTS/yL3OTMd9/

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