Helium developers offer to use Solana blockchain

Helium developers offer to use Solana blockchain

Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain network Helium may move to the Solana network following the new HIP 70 governance proposal launched on Tuesday.

Helium core developers say it is necessary to improve “operational efficiency and scalability” in order to bring “significant economies of scale” to the network. told.

The Helium network is downloading Helium Hotspot to offer decentralized 5G network coverage to internet users in the region. Helium uses a unique consensus mechanism, proof of coverage, to verify network connectivity and reward Helium Hotspot providers with HNT tokens when verification is confirmed.

On the other hand, the developers emphasized that some technical issues need to be fixed in order to improve the network capacity.

“The network has been challenging for network participants in the last few months with reduced Proof of Coverage activity driven by network size, blockchain/verifier overhead, and packet delivery issues.”

The HIP 70 proposal was put forward to improve these data transfers and network coverage capacity, according to the Helium Github page.

If the proposal is accepted, Helium-based HNT, IOT and MOBILE tokens and Data Credits (DC) will be migrated to the Solana blockchain network.

In the network, HNT tokens are earned by hotspot (wireless hotspot) providers, node operators providing the LoRaWAN network to the IOT ecosystem, and MOBILE by 5G coverage providers. DCs are used to pay transaction fees.

The Helium network has been using its own blockchain since it was created in 2013. The project felt the need to create its own blockchain network, as Ethereum was too slow and other alternatives were not attractive at the time.

HIP 70 voting will be held on September 12 and HNT holders will be able to vote via heliumvote.com. Voting will end on September 18.

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