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On the daily chart, the bull season continues.
It continues to move in channels.
It broke the black channel and moved to an upper channel.
It would be nice if it crossed the resistance at the top.
Continuing RSI there is incompatibility. The black arrow is a negative state.
Price 23.38 ₺
2-hour candle close below Stop 21.68 ₺… About 7.27%

This share is the signals from the bot I wrote. The peculiarity of the boot is that it catches the trend and can take most of the profit.
In the horizontal market and the bear market, the transactions are usually stopped, but the bull starts catch the beginning and make a profit. Improvement work continues.
The bot’s backtests continue. It was written to catch the beginning of the trend.
We look at the daily chart and trade on the hourly charts.

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Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/HTTBT/uNmAxpxe/

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