How Avax Will Follow for the symbol MEXC:AVAXUSDT by CryptoMarketTraders — NewsOfFinance

Friends, avax has received a big decrease, the first support that the price will decrease;
If it does not reach the sufficient volume at 13.13, it can regress to the level of 12.03.
I will update the chart during the decision stages.
By the way, I bought the graphic from Mexc again because it offers more balanced prices.
If it can reach enough volume with the reaction it will get from 13.13, it can go up to 14.6.
At the level of 14.6, the price enters a decision phase again and if it can break the resistance and hold on, its target is;
If it can’t hold on 12.03 and later
It can go down to 11.18 levels.

If there is a request analysis, you can specify it in the comments or send me a message, stay safe…

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