How Bitcoin (BTC) Started New Week for the symbol BINANCE:BTCUSDT by koinsaati Current Technical Analysis — NewsOfFinance

Showing positive trends in the past two weeks bitcoin ( BTC ), by closing the week we left behind with a green candle, helped the market to blow some positive air.

It started the week of October 3-9, which started at $ 19,057, with $ 19,439. bitcoin ( BTC ), showed an increase of around 2%. Rising to $ 20,475 levels during the week bitcoin ( BTC ), although it increased by over 7%, it could not hold at these levels.

At the time of this writing, it was priced at $ 19,280. bitcoin ( BTC ), the new week started a little volatile. Although it rises to $ 19,525 after the opening with $ 19,439, it continues with a door of 0.80% by testing $ 19,107 levels after the declines during the day.

With the pullbacks experienced today, the new high low that is likely to occur can help the week we are in to be positive. In case of daily closes above $18,919, it may want to retest the $20,340-20,475 region. The fact that this region has been tested many times before can also be interpreted as the vendors in this region may have been consumed.

bitcoin ( BTC ) If the $20.340-20.475 region is broken, it could create a new uptrend up to the $21,220-21,360 region. Conversely, if there is a downside break from the $18,919 level, it can continue its declines to the $18,473 levels. Seen from this perspective bitcoin ( BTC ) may cause us to see new lows by creating an expectation that the declines may continue.

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