Huobi Made An Important Listing Announcement For Altcoin!

Huobi Made An Important Listing Announcement For Altcoin!

Huobi Global, Pi Network announced that he is following the developments on the front and will be able to list it soon.

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Globalannounced that it is listening to suggestions from the Pi Network community and closely following the moves from the project.

Huobi Made An Important Listing Announcement For Altcoin! As we’ve reported, Pi Network is gearing up for a major mainnet update in the near future. If the mainnet update is successful, Huobi Global will also want to announce the listing. As a matter of fact, Pi Network was momentarily unlisted on the Play Store recently.

Pi Network, cryptocurrency Although it is popular in the community, it cannot be said that it progresses very fast in development. The project wants to set up a mining mechanism through daily engagement via phones. In the discussions, it is argued that such a mechanism is not possible and therefore the project is worthless.

Pi Network

If the project makes a successful update to its mainnet and is listed by an exchange like Huobi, things should go well. As a matter of fact, although there are some checks before this listing, it will not be enough to say that the project is completely strong. On the other hand, since the listings are checked frequently, there is always the possibility of delsit.

You can follow the current price action here.

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