I am waiting

I am waiting

I am waiting



I am waiting

Hello friends:

When we look at the H1 chart, we have a sale. I WISH EVERYONE A LOT OF EARNINGS

The graphics, comments and recommendations contained herein are not investment advisory.
Investment consultancy service, investment consultancy contract to be signed between brokerage houses, portfolio management companies, non-deposit banks and the customer is required.
The comments and opinions contained herein are based on the personal opinions of those making comments and recommendations.
This situation may not work in accordance with your financial situation and risk and return preferences. At this point, it may not produce results that meet your expectations…

This idea is a prediction, no one knows the future.

We are waiting for your comments and likes to respect the effort.
Hope to see you.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/EOSUSDT/dV9ybMLd/

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