I Frequently Analyze Bsw for the symbol BINANCE:BSWUSDT by MahoniSupra — NewsOfFinance

Bsw is something like the right child born at the wrong time, the project is solid and the relevant team is constantly up-to-date, but unfortunately we are in a bear market and the money is melting day by day.

Currently, all altcoins are at the exit level before Ath, including Bsw, there will be a short decrease from here, as the money in the market is melting, this is normal, but there is a serious inflation, in this case the whales withdraw their money to safe havens. Actually if it wasn’t for the Luna crisis BTC this was going to be an escape from inflation Luna you really screwed everything up.

If we look at the events from a good perspective, those who have money can pick it up wherever they can and buy it as it falls, because a medium whale can easily throw a coin up 3x 4x, which in time can come to the benefit of whales who are bored with 4% interest.

The worst scenario was that it was called 20 thousand bottom, but there was no volume from there. btc now it drops to 13 thousand usd, he got everyone in his head, whales will want to collect goods from there for free, so the waiting will continue, keep crawling for a long time

It is not investment advice, everyone should invest with their own analysis.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/BSWUSDT/jzrE9PPr/

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