IHEVA for the symbol BIST:IHEVA by My_Forex

IHEVA When we look at the graph, we follow the area marked with the pennant break. first target 2. 40 second target 3.16

There is no problem with the balance sheet. in good condition

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-All entries are made according to predetermined criteria and signals. As an investor, you should determine your own entry criteria, strategies, signal protocols.
-Because the price is in the area, it should not be taken to mean that it will go in a certain direction. It should not be forgotten that not every analysis will result in correct results and will not turn into a transaction.
-Analysis should not be interpreted as a signal for your entry to the trade.
– Review the analyzes by examining them yourself first. We recommend that you try to add something to yourself by creating your own entry strategy accordingly.


Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/IHEVA/lzv1QdKk/

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