Initial target of 106 TL and TOASO for the symbol BIST:TOASO by BorsaCentral — NewsOfFinance

TOASO It formed red candles at 90.05 on a negatively charged (-1,477%) roadmap. The Awesome Oscillator at 9,529 is level positive. The average of the true range is 3.4573 positive.
The Commodity Channel Index is at a solid 98.0319.

In terms of physics, we can argue that acceleration (4.45) helps a positive progress. TOASO can raise its average rating and RSI It is progressing positively as 66.4185. TOASO In terms of stochastic K, 74,376 gives a positive impression. TOASO In terms of stochastic D, 82.1119 is positively riveted.

TOASO Aroon while the top is 92.8571 Aroon continues at the bottom 0 line. TOASO For bull bear strength 4.7095 can be said to be quite good. The Simple Moving Average for the last 10 days is at the desired level at 89.06. A higher end is seen for volatility (3.1337).

We see a score of 0.572 in relative volume (3.5 being ideal). The exponential moving average (EMA50), reflecting the clustered version of the price band, is showing a loss (80.1292). Support points can be detected as 90.0458 & 84.2167.

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