#IPEKE DAILY CHART TECHNICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS for the symbol BIST:IPEKE by aliyusufkockan // — NewsOfFinance

BASIC ANALYSIS: The fact that the company’s balance sheet is better compared to previous quarters and at the same time, the interest and investments in the energy sector are increasing day by day, making the fundamental analysis positive.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: By completing the bullish rectangle formation on the stock chart, an increase was realized, but as soon as it completed the formation, it started to decline and formed a small but strong downtrend : ) It broke this trend on July 26 and experienced a small upward rally, but between 9 and 10 August 18.81₺ – 18.22₺ As I marked on the chart, it created a small gap between the prices, although it tried to fill this gap by coming to the price of 18.59₺ on 25 August, it could not fill it completely and today is 29 August. bollinger A close at the band MA line puts investors in great uncertainty if bollinger I think it will continue to rise and fill the gap it has created, but it will be affected by some intersections that occur in some indicators. bollinger If it moves towards the lower band, I think it will go down by creating a downtrend..YTD

MY SUPPORT POINTS: 16.53₺ – 15.77₺ – 13.05₺ – 10.92₺

MY RESISTANCE POINTS: 19.17₺ – 22.74₺ – 24.10₺ – 26.97₺

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/IPEKE/ft7QscNi/

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