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In my last dollar-based analysis, while everyone was waiting for a reaction increase in the index, after the calculation I made with TB_3 (trend finder) by giving a date, the index fell by 8.8%, 1 day before my expectation, with a shake up to -2% during the day and a point-blank contact with the target I gave. He ended the day with a positive 2.44% reaction:

What Is The Index To Dollar?

In the last case, the bottom work was finished with a tobo on the 20-minute chart. A targeted move of 3365-3380 on 3382 can be expected here. If it reaches the target, it can be expected to reduce the positions and a saw to 3382 again. Movements can be expected in saw mode, with 3442s being 50% of the last drop, with the final target. I think that the highest figure we can reach in the short term in the index that the important indicators give SAT may be 3500.

I would like to repeat my usual rhetoric: After the rally, as there are not enough buyers, large sums of money cannot come out as much as they want; These saw markets are the formations in which the big money takes away the small investors’ earnings in the rally and they tumble and throw goods from above… Therefore, if we are to be in this market, instead of carrying goods, especially in the shares that participate in the rally with a small part of our balance, especially in the saw market. , significant averages, supports, pivot We can apply a strategy of buying at the levels and selling at the resistances.

Good luck to everyone..

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