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15 June BTC 1S Graphic-Simple Explanation.

In the article I published on June 14 (I left the link) I expected to spend a parallel day and at the end of this day, a “Standard” Doji I stated that there would be a candle” formation.

We finished June 14 in a parallel way and a candle formation was formed, but a triangle formation came along with it.

It is expected that the movements of the triangle formations towards the directions where they are broken will deepen.

Today the triangle formation has been broken down and a deepening of the downtrend should be expected.

In Technical Analysis, it is expected to touch the downside support band of $19,446 and if it fails to break down, a correction to the downtrend I indicated by the red stripe.
is to do.

In summary ;
Instant price: $20.560
Expectation: $19,446 contact

If the contact is made, the course will determine the next.
If it breaks down and closes in 4 hours lower support : $15,952
If it reacts and goes up: Downtrend resistance test.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSDTPERP/CSeQNN3P/

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