Let’s look for SASA // Pennant pattern Resistance breakdown for symbol BIST:SASA by aet61 — NewsOfFinance


Let’s look for closures where I indicated with X. Targets are drawn according to Fibonacci.

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-The more important profit is in your transactions, the more important your STOP point is, definitely use STOP.

-I do not personally trade any of the shares whose analysis I have shared here. Do not buy this stock or any other stock, thinking that I bought it.

-I request you, do not ask where to buy and sell from the charts I shared for educational purposes, this transaction falls under investment consultancy and authorized people do this job.

-This analysis is purely my foresight education work. My aim is to guide those who have started or will start technical analysis. There is no rule that it will be like this. I am not responsible for any resulting damage. Make your own decision. Kind regards.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/SASA/64W2lHMf/

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