LUNC is up to date

LUNC is up to date

LUNC is up to date



LUNC is up to date

We wrote a lot of comments on the old post in the attached link, we can continue by sharing the final version to make it more understandable.

Retested OBO in green at 00033486 on 16 September. This will be the highest level in recent times for a while.
The level I expect it to drop after OBO is 000202 at least, 00018 at most.

Another pattern is the purple triangle formed in the retest. There should be a breakdown from the region I indicated with the red ring. Assuming that it falls from the break point by the height of the triangle, it points to the same region where OBO should fall.

After the declines of both formations come to an end, they can react with a rise of around 50%.

These are the comments I made with my observations and knowledge. YTD.

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