Metamask Vulnerability: “Certain Wallets May Be Affected!”

Vulnerability in Metamask:

MetaMask, made a statement about the problem that occurred recently and affected the wallets of some users. According to the statement, the problem in question does not mean a security vulnerability as much as the speculations made in the community. According to researchers affiliated with Halborn, which serves as a blockchain security firm, the error affects only a small portion of users. It was stated that this problem is not limited to MetaMask, but is seen in all browser-based wallets.

Metamask Vulnerability: "Certain Wallets May Be Affected!"

More importantly, it was also stated that the vulnerability that made it possible to extract the ‘Secret Recovery Key’ will eventually be resolved. The MetaMask team did not give a specific timeline for when exactly the issue will be resolved. It is also among the information that the error does not affect the mobile application.

MetaMask Vulnerability Affects Few People

As we have stated as, according to researchers, the MetaMask security threat that causes these rare cases is the result of the MetaMask plugin. 10.11.3 and later versionsin corrected condition. Dan Finlay, a developer working on MetaMask, said that the bug affects a small portion of MetaMask Extension users as well as other browser/extension wallets.

It was explained that users may be at risk if these conditions apply to individual wallets:

  • If the user’s hard drive is not encrypted and the user has transferred the Secret Recovery Key to an extension (same wallet app) on a different device.
  • If the user used the ‘Show Hidden Recovery Phrase’ checkbox to display the Phrase on Screen at the same time.

They also have a suggestion for users who think their computers are not secure. On these computers that are not physically secure against other people, full disk encryption must be enabled in the system.

Last month, MetaMask, Web 3.0 announced that it has integrated Coinbase Pay into its platform to provide easy payment access with dApps.1 for its developers.

You can follow the current price action here.

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