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It works on infectious diseases and genetic diseases. There are also kits. Nucleic acid isolation, microbiology panel, genetic diseases, multiplex panel kits,
stringing, food panel (to give an example of the food panel kit; Real-Time from foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and seafood) PCR detects Hepatitis A RNA with the method. A specific region of the hepatitis A genome is amplified and fluorescent detection FAM performed using the filter.)

The Company’s R&D Center continued its R&D activities within the scope of 12 projects between 1 July and 30 September 2022 of 2022. During this period, the company completed the development of a total of 5 products and transferred them to production. 4 of these products are Real-Time, which detect and genotype various viruses and bacteria that cause different diseases in humans. PCR kits, 1 of which is a Real-Time used in food analysis. PCR During this period, 8 new R&D personnel were employed.

The company continued its investments in the third quarter of 2022. Investment Incentive Certificate (YTB) was revised in September 2022 and the total investment amount was increased from 60 Million TL.
It was increased to 70 Million TL. In the third quarter of 2022, an additional 6 Million TL investment was made to the existing investment, and the investment amount within the scope of YTB reached 42 Million TL.

On the other hand, the total investment amount for the machinery, equipment and information technologies of the company’s new management building, production and R&D Center has reached 122 million TL. Research and development expenses increased by more than 100%. (I think it’s very good, so it’s a company that wants to develop)

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