My post for LINK on October 16 reached its first goal.

My post for LINK on October 16 reached its first goal.

My post for LINK on October 16 reached its first goal.



My post for LINK on October 16 reached its first goal.

I earn and I earn. May it be prosperous to all of us. As I always say, “Good luck to everyone.”

I don’t like to make absurd comments. I don’t make evasive comments saying maybe it won’t work, maybe it won’t come across. You’ll see goals in my comments.
Because people on this platform want to see results. No one craves to see lines or indicators. I don’t want to overwhelm the screen with them either.
That’s why I share clear, simple and understandable comments. If there are those who follow me or those who come across and benefit from my analysis even if they do not follow me, this would make me happy.
I am already a person who makes good earnings for myself. My reason for sharing is not to increase my follower count. Maybe people will see my posts and benefit.
I analyze and share with the thought. My financial situation is very good. I have a portfolio not only in Turkey, but also in NASDAQ – NYSE.

Let me explain to those who read this article why I am writing this. Friends, my posts have started to attract attention. A person who saw me online during the hours I analyzed
He asked me to support him in return for a fee. I’ve looked at their posts and I’m getting messages that seem admirable. He asked me which program I was using, for example, programs such as fxplus, matrix, he requested my support and information sharing. Discord, telegram, etc. We can make voice chat, share information, and take these programs into the education category, we can get along with the financial rewards of their efforts. Let me state this again, the reason why I am analyzing and sharing here is not to gain followers and turn the business into money. I am a person who thinks that I can present my knowledge to people and let them win. I’m just someone who has just posted here. My membership is not new, but my posts are new. Earlier, I used to do analysts and make my own investments accordingly. Then I wanted people to benefit from them too.

I make these posts with the thought that those who do not follow me, other than those who follow me, will see my analysis and benefit. I guess people like that I don’t show price targets directly because we are developing quickly. To grow, I mean to grow. Look, I’m not saying I’m growing fast, we’re growing together. It means there is something I am doing right.

I am also getting a lot of messages. Those who say thank you, God bless you. Those who are in harm’s way. Thank you very much.
I would like to draw attention to the following; I don’t want to go into details to avoid repetition. Do not come to me with offers like what I explained above. Don’t make offers of support in these matters and then money.” My aim is to be useful to people.” Thank God, my financial situation is at a very good level. Do not message me about these offers. I am a plain ordinary person who both drinks his tea and shares his analysis.

Good luck to everyone.

The risk management of each individual belongs to him. My posts are my own information and opinions. It is not investment advice.

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