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Let’s come to the weekly evaluation and index comment:

US President Joe Biden has tested positive for coronavirus again. in your absence Kamala and pelosi It does not look comfortable.

US Federal Reserve (Fed), policy rate 75 base point increased by 2.25-2.50 percent.

USA 10 years below 3%. It came up to 2.65%. It is positive for the stock markets. So much so that the main 4 indices (Nasdaq, NYSE, SP500 Dow Jones) directional Passing 100 SMA they are about. Let’s not forget that there are buying opportunities.

Fed’s inflation targeting PCE In this period, the price index recorded the biggest increase since 2005 with 1% monthly.

The US economy contracted in the 1st and 2nd quarters for the first time since the pandemic. entered a technical recession.

dollar index #dx At 105.8 it is still quite high. It’s on technical support.

vix The fact that the (volatility) index is below the 200 SMA is quite positive for global indices. Current level 21.

both Hong Kong (#hangseng) both Shanghai Although the (#SSEcomposite) indices started to return, they finished the week with a decline. Important agenda item on this front Possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Tensions are rising in China, before the possible visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Aunt Stockbroker) to Taiwan, following messages in official statements that if the visit takes place, there will be harsh reactions, including “military response”. Finally, the re-emergence of quarantine measures on the Asian front In the official manufacturing indicator in China caused a setback.

of AMB interest rate hike Euro region in the negative interest area for the first time since 2014. In the interest incomes of the five largest banks in Europe 3.74 mlr increase The news came soon after.

Let’s take a look at the domestic landscape.

Turkey 5Y CDS premium 857 in the very high region. The priced probability of bankruptcy is roughly 41%.

Commercial loan rates according to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) data 29.74% with the highest level since November 2018. These loans, which are used in the wrong place and time, will continue to cause incredible pressure on exchange rate and inflation data. One of the leading roles in macroeconomic uncertainty.

Last minute: While these lines are being written SerbiaNews of gunfire from the Kosovo border fell on social media. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine “We must protect Kosovo against Serbia.” The statement indicates that the parties expect such an attack. A regional conflict in the Balkans over Taiwan tension will continue to put pressure on the markets.

Looks like we’re not going to start the week well. If we look at #Bist100, the holy number 2565 the last day has passed. However, the slightly sloping canal top will not be crossed tomorrow, probably due to the reasons I mentioned above.

2535 is critical support in this sense.

Among the factors driving the index, 2Q balance sheet results are the only agenda item. Your volume in the index over 30 billion We see it swinging. Not enough for the rally.

CB Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said that the first ship carrying grain from Ukraine could set off on 1 August. A development that will positively affect the pressure on commodity prices and domestic inflation.

As can be seen, the agenda item this week seems to be geopolitical risks. In this case, it would not be reasonable to expect yields from the stock markets. gold and bonds market may fluctuate.

In the morning, we will follow the wave coming from Asia together.

We used to talk so much about Trump. Turns out we didn’t know how many Trumps there were.

Good week everyone.

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