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Friends, I should especially mention that indicators and auxiliary trend data gain value in ordinary global markets.
At the moment, the only reason why I do analyzes by presenting only comments and predictions is the assertion of extraordinary events and expectations.

Regardless of the investment, it creates a high-risk image mathematically.
Like this!
During the pandemic, the US’s printing of dollars aroused the appetite and the dollar lost value, everyone used their cash in various investment vehicles from cash.
With the sharp interest rate hikes and the latest picture, the markets continue their completely inconsistent movements.
Before the Fed rate announcement, he said that interest rates should be increased even more.
Expectation in the markets 50/75 base
In fact, the nasdaq is pricing it out right now.
But an important dilemma is that the winter will be troublesome for Europe, so the dollar euro will be stronger against it!
On the other hand, America can make the dollar abundant in the market again in order for Europe to survive the winter!
But this time too ruble sharp rises will be seen!

There are 2 options in this direction! (in my opinion)
US to reduce dollar dominance to ease economy in winter
He will not be with you with economic decisions in Europe’s hard winter in order to suppress the ruble in its struggle with Russia!
I think this will determine the direction of the nasdaq
Which of the options will be realized in the Fed’s interest rate decision in the coming days !

It is purely my thoughts. They are subjective opinions that have no investment advice value.

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