NFT tickets on the agenda after the Champions League final fiasco

NFT tickets on the agenda after the Champions League final fiasco

The disorder before the UEFA Champions League final match could lead to widespread adoption of unique tokens (NFT) for tickets to sporting events in France. The country has previously stated that it plans to use NFT tickets during the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

One of the reasons for the chaotic events in the final held on May 28 was mass ticket fraud. The use of tear gas to maintain order and the postponement of the match between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid turned into a great embarrassment for the country. The French Government Olympics ambassador, Michel Cadot, presented a report to the French Prime Minister’s Office last week recommending steps to prevent disorder at sporting events in the future, including the universal use of NTF tickets.

In the report; Implementing the new ticketing system before the rugby event and the Olympics “will enable the multiplayer management’s reflexes to face challenges, as well as preconfigure planned systems and change the way they work” expression is located.

The system proposed by France envisions the issuance of non-transferable digital tickets using blockchain technology and QR codes. Tickets will be distributed via SMS shortly before the events and will be activated within the security zone around the event area.

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NFT ticketing is likely to be welcomed, as ticket fraud prevention increases security at events and profits for sponsors. Other functions, such as access to the VIP area or purchase of souvenirs, can also be programmed into NFT tickets. Ticketing is just one of the ways NFTs have penetrated the world of sports. NFT collections have been part of many teams’ marketing strategies since 2020. They can even be programmed to include fan engagement methods such as voting and access to physical collections.

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