Our expectations were met in the Bist 100 index for the symbol BIST:XU100 by tkolaytk, good luck!! — NewsOfFinance

hello friends, I have shared analyzes using the long-term fibo channel on the chart in all my analyzes since mid-May in the Bist 100 index. I was calculating the new peak calculations that may occur from the 2345 levels above and the support levels that we need to follow in the retracement or corrections with the same channel.

As of November 11, our XU100 index has successfully fulfilled the long-term expectation of 4535 in the chart, could we have seen the bottom at >>>bist 100 in May??? In my analysis titled “”hello friends, in the weekly long-term chart, the bist 100 index touched the fibo support channel as of 23.05.22 today and showed an upward bounce. It may enter a bear market at the close of the week under 2345. I said, “I hope that the bist 100 index will not make this close and that the bist 100 index will recover from these levels.”>>> I wish good luck to my friends who can follow other analyzes from this analysis and trade within the framework of technical analysis and evaluate this rise in Bist100 indices and funds. I think it’s my right to ask for a thank you in the comments section for the first time in a long time 🙂

As of November 14, with the same graphic discipline, our new strong expectation at the 2-day closing above the 4535 level may be the 4933 level in the Bist100 index in the short term. Unless there is a one-day close below the 4341 level, the correction will not start in the Bist100 index.

For these reasons, I hope that the XU100 index and funds will retest the 4535 level without closing below the 4341 level, and that the technical image that may occur there and the target pricing will be healthier.

Technical analysis is expectation. There is no guarantee that it will ever happen. I am definitely not giving investment advice. My posts are for sharing information.

Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/XU100/N6FgDi5x/

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