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The goals I mentioned in Gold came one by one. I am definitely not a prophet, which is the benefit of two-way analysis. Let’s start the analysis without further ado.

There is also a bowl handle formation under it and the handle target came quickly because the handle is small. The main target is level 1271, which is the target of the Bowl, and you can reach this level. RSI and the MACD confirms very, very strongly, let’s start by referring to them if you want. Bollinger And I won’t say the others because we’re already at the very edge of them all.

RSI On the other hand, after things swelled up very well, the expected pullback came, albeit slightly. After this move, it gave its direction to the upside again and is watching a structure that supports the rise. Apart from these, there is no negative inconsistency.

MACD On the other hand, there are some very, very positive things. MACD candles are steeping strongly and gave a strong buy signal yesterday at 8 am, after which an increase of 1.89% came. After this rise, some pullback is necessary and this pullback can come after 1220s are seen. It is very important to watch and see how 1205 will work as a support in retreats. It may possibly touch the orange ascending line, and this touch shows us approximately 1194.

EMA I want to touch on level 20 a little bit. This level is currently in the 1177 region, after this Gold may move slightly horizontally and this EMA When the 20 line coincides with the 1190s, we make a withdrawal and both EMA Might want to test both the 20 and the orange rising.

As I said, apart from these, there is no need to examine other indicators in the weekly or daily because there is no concrete data. We are in the summit region below, only comments can be made for withdrawal.

If you liked my analysis, please share it with me in the comments. Good luck to everyone.

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