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#SASA daily chart
A speculative locking operation. Without allowing the small investor to sell, they harass him and either take the goods cheaply or make them long-term investors.
From a technical point of view, after March 2022, it provided support in every contact for a simple average price of 50 days and brought it from 25 to 189. Today 50sma shows 99.4.
At the moment, we are in the 0.382 fibo correction zone just below the 20sma at the third floor with a price of 135.9 TL. Considering that the last wave started on September 14, of course. Considering that it started around February 24, the correction levels get a little deeper, as the values ​​appear on the left of the graph.
If the necessary liquidity is provided, we can expect the average and fibo correction zone support here, but at this point, the technique does not work, it is impossible to predict where the operators will stand.
If the base closes tomorrow, it will reach 122 and it will be close to the 0.5 correction zone.
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Soruce : https://tr.tradingview.com/chart/SASA/MOKYPE1B/

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