Scams at Work: Beware of This Method!

Scams at Work: Beware of This Method!

Scammers are trying to steal users’ assets using Midnight, the new privacy token of the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano developer Tim Harrison midnight He warned against scams by sharing a new project called

Scams at Work: Beware of This Method!

Many fake accounts pretending to be Cardano influencers lead to the fake website of the project called Midnight. Offering the exchange of ADA with the project’s native token DUST, the site is stealing the assets of careless users.

Developer Tim Harrison stated that the project called Midnight is not active yet. As a result, no tokens have been released yet.

Cardano developer warns against scammers

cardano His wallet, Eternl, also warned his followers against similar scams. As a matter of fact, such fraud cases will not be the first nor the last. However, recently increasing fraud cases have started to come up frequently.

What is Cardano Midnight (DUST)? As we reported, a new privacy-related project was announced last November by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. Called Midnight, the project will be powered by zero-knowledge (zk) security technology and will be one of Cardano’s sidechains.

As part of the launch, Zcash (ZEC) or moneroof (XRM) an anonymous counterpart of some kind DUST The token will be issued.

You can follow the current price action here.

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