Sharding could solve Ethereum’s scaling ‘trilogy’, according to researcher

After the successful Ethereum Merge, all eyes are on the next phase of transition that will bring key scaling solutions like sharding to the platform. Market experts consider sharding to be game-changing for the Ethereum network due to its potential to solve the scalability issue.

Speaking privately with Cointelegraph, Uphold Research Head Dr. Martin Hiesboeck explained how sharding could pave the way for Ethereum to become a truly global network.

Hiesboeck believes that sharding can solve the scalability triad that blockchain networks have long grappled with. Here, the triad means that blockchains often have to sacrifice one of the three pillars to increase scalability. In this trilogy of security and decentralization, the third factor is scalability itself.

“Sharding is one of the most effective and universal ways to solve the scalability triad. I’m not sure this can be described as the only true scalability solution, but sharding is currently one of the best we have.”

Sharing, which will bring parallel processing with it, will thus facilitate the operation of nodes by safely distributing data storage requirements. In the current blockchain system, while transactions are processed from block to block, several blocks can be created at the same time with sharding.Sharding could solve Ethereum's scaling 'trilogy', according to researcher

Diagram of the version of Ethereum using sharding. Source: Quantstamp.

Hiesboeck believes that sharding will not only increase Ethereum’s transaction throughput several times, but will also reduce gas fees and save energy in the network.

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