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Hello friends;

First of all, let’s sit back and say “Brother of the Market”. DXY Let’s see what he did.

Table 1: DXY Ascending Channel

Yeah, now that we’re breathing a little DXY Let’s briefly review what he has done so far.

*Declining to 89 points with the collapse of the pandemic (which gives nice double bottom signals from here) DXY so to speak, he said “Let’s get the babies off the track” and brought all other products to their knees with his rise to 114 points.
* Lasting for years EURUSD It shook its parity well, Bist100 (there are special reasons, we will mention it in the live broadcast).
*FED’s hawks are 75 each base increased the strength of DXY with interest rate increases. Liquid has been withdrawn from the market and we have seen some benches suffer or even fail (see China).
*While progressing in a healthy way in the channel, “Recession” risk and ECM’s interest rate hikes and FED’s so-called interest rates “we slowed down inflation” from the top of 114. DXY quickly withdrew.

What Could Happen Next?

*If the measures taken against inflation work and the unemployment rate remains below 6% DXY he leaves the stage to the little players and the big brother of the market sits back and watches the situation.
*Technically speaking, 104.60 – 105.75 is critical, this is a strong red zone, there may be a mini-reaction from here (but news is needed).
*If 104.60 is broken down and there are risk products outside the channel (Table 1), the markets will relax and EURUSD continues to be rewarded.

Table 2: EURUSD

There’s So Much To Say

*There is a lot to say, but I would like to summarize it in one sentence “Central Banks Agree” (Greetings to Dear Koç).
* It is very important to read books and research crisis periods (1929 Depression and JPMorgan)
* Let’s discuss for a long time on a live broadcast, it is too narrow for us here.

Technical Data

Table 3: You Evaluate (Waiting in the comments)

Table 4: MACD Daily (Strong Sell)

Table 5: MACD Weekly (Sat)

Table 6: RSI Daily (Sat, 50 points critical)

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